Finland is a small country of 5.2 million residents and thousands of lakes, located next to Sweden in Scandinavia. Our beautiful country has a lot of potential for fly fishing across the country, since the waters are easily reached. No matter where you live, there is always a lake or two next to you. Even though we have four amazing seasons for fly fishing, Finland still isn't as familiar a fishing destination as our neighbor countries, Sweden and Norway. We would now like to introduce some of our favorite fly fishing opportunities in our homeland.

There is a good reason why Santa Claus lives in Northern Finland. Lapland nature offers the best gifts by the riversides and peaceful lakes in the wilderness. You wouldn't like to try fly fishing in Lapland during the long, snowy and dark winter, but Lapland's summer is phenomenal. How about fishing in sunlight in the middle of the night? Taking pure and fresh drinking water straight from the rivers that flow from the arctic hills? And what could possibly be more delicious than a raw pickled fish with crispy bread for breakfast! Fly fishing in such a great environment is a real adventure.

Original 1490031744 juuso kolehmainen  grayling from lapland

Photo by Juuso Kolehmainen