Fisherman aren’t created equal and some are born to be on the water daily. Most guides I know didn’t choose the path of guiding, but hours, days and months on the water turned the obsession into a career of sharing the experience with others. My experience is that a person decides to go with a guide after numerous strike-outs. When they are filled with doubt and frustration… then they decide to seek a professional to show them the secrets. Others simply lack the time it takes to become intimate with the water and species they seek. If you’ve ever wondered if you should go fishing with a guide or not, here are some guide perspectives to consider.

Captain David Mangum

was born and raised in Florida and has spent the better part of 40 years fishing the region’s local waters for Tarpon and Redfish. David’s passion for fishing was cultivated from a young age, and through the years he has witnessed the evolution of the fisheries on the Panhandle. He breathes the salt on a daily basis. He confesses that when you travel to saltwater destinations, most people have limited time and a boat is a necessity to get to some of the best fishing.

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Photo by Mia Shepard

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Photo by Mia Sheppard