Be intimidated by the idea of planning a women’s fly fishing clinic. Have no idea how or why you would want to host one. You’re not “qualified” anyways, right? Right, of course not.

When the idea refuses to leave you alone, mention it to friends over beers to see if they’ll take the bait. “Would you go to a fishing clinic if I hosted one?” You’ll ask. “Yeah! What a great idea! I’ll totally go,” they’ll inevitably say in return (could be the beer talking). Of course they will. Immediately regret asking their opinion. Revert to step one.

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Photo by Amanda Monthei

When you still can’t get the idea out of your head, talk to the local fly or gear shop about your idea. They’ll likely give you their good graces and a pat on the back, and you’ll be on your way. If they don’t, well then move on to the next one, in the next town if necessary. It’s not usually too hard to find support for these things.