Liquid Gold

by Jan Papa

I have water in my veins, a common thread, starting from when I was a young girl growing up on the shores of Wild Fowl Bay, off of Lake Huron's thumb of Michigan. It was a great place to explore woodlands, wetlands, fishing, sailing and swimming.

You could not keep me out of the water then and it continually pulls me back now. As an adult, I am constantly being pulled back to the needs for water, sort of a "Fish out of water." I have lived in a suburb of Illinois, not far from Chicago and the Wisconsin state line, for most of my adult life. I always did a little fishing and introduced myself to fly fishing in a small pond, but never did any trout fishing in a stream until the spring of 2014.

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I recently attended a fly fishing clinic for women in the Driftless area of Wisconsin where I was told I was a true "fishy." Studying the water, weather, fish food and type of fish we are going after are all part of the experience, along with how it makes you feel. It's not all about catching fish but the ecostystems that we study.

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