How does one begin a tale of a love affair? Once upon a time? No, that is too much like a fairy tale. And we all know life is not really like that. This story of love weaves throughout my adult years like a golden thread through a tapestry and has had me wrapped up for a while. But to tell this tale, I need to start at the beginning. Long time ago in a land far away…

I grew up on a farm where life was full of freedom and adventure. I have three brothers of which two are older and one younger. Truth be told, my parents could not have given us a greater gift. There was little chance I would turn out to be an average type of girl. I was too full of spirit, had hair with too much wave, more than a lot of sass, and a flair for the outdoors including scrapes and bumps (mostly from falling off my pink bicycle).

Chances are I would not last long in ballet class.

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