I was offered the opportunity to join a fishing party opening day on the Laxá in Dölum River in Iceland, in June 2016. Salmon river openings are always fun. Although the catches are few, there are always big salmon caught and you are lucky if you are the one catching!

We were three couples and decided to divide the river into three beats and fish with three shared rods. Great company, beautiful river, good food and the chance of catching a big salmon. A few days before the opening, we started to hear news from other rivers opening in the area. There were salmon everywhere and we were getting more and more excited.

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Photo by Harpa Hlin Thordardottir

We arrived at the lodge the night before and I drew the lowest beat (section of the river), which is usually the best draw so early in the season. After a long night, with hardly any sleep, we were ready to start fishing at 7 am sharp. We started well, catching two salmon in the morning (the top beat got seven). It was such horrible weather the first day - rain and a strong, freezing wind, but it was impossible to stop fishing. Salmon were showing themselves everywhere - big, strong and beautiful sea-liced salmon.

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Photo by Harpa Hlin Thordardottir