My Patagonia skirt is the perfect “can’t-go-without” item for any day on the river. With a summer as hot as ours has been, staying cool is something I’ve been extremely grateful for. This skirt is not only super light for hot days, but the material makes it quick-drying (one aspect I think we can all agree is essential for a trip on the water). I also adore how comfortable this skirt is!

Most people who know me would agree that I don’t usually wear skirts. I don’t like the restricting quality that most skirts have which make wearing skirts completely impractical for fishing, let alone anything else. I also hate not having a place to put my things when I wear them. Patagonia has read my mind!

The shorts underneath the skirt make this skirt extremely comfortable with a material that makes it very flexible. Not to mention the two front pockets, and middle back pocket that not only add the perfect stylistic touch but also are the perfect size for my essentials (which usually includes my phone and my very necessary SPF chapstick).