The Guide

by Shelly Ehmer

Most women you meet in the fly fishing industry are beautiful, petite, badass women who work hard and photograph great ...

I am far from petite, I have a cricked smile. My boobs are too big and I only look good in pictures when I am holding a fish. It has taken years for me to accept me as I am. I've never quit pushing forward to do what I want to do in this life. I have been told I was too fat and too old to be a guide by a fly shop owner. I had just been offered a shop job by his manager, that was revoked. It turned out to actually be beneficial to me, in a weird roundabout way.

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Photo by shelly ehmer

"Things" happen for a reason Sometimes those "things" suck really bad. But, I've seen fantastic doors open after some have been slammed in my face. I am a guide in Montana. My home base is on the Bighorn River, in Fort Smith, Montana.

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Photo by shelly ehmer

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