Adventure and wilderness experiences heal our souls. We get out in wilderness in many different ways, and for a variety of reasons. There is a theme that runs common for those of us who are driven toward our passions—Joy. What is it that is the undercurrent of the joy we experience through adventuring? Answering this question is where each story becomes real. Uncovering our reasons, unique to all of us, can reveal our hearts.

Behind every reason we give for making adventure happen in our lives, there is a personal, internal motive that revs up our energy levels, clears the calendar, hires a sitter, and kicks us into action. No matter how busy, stressed, or complicated our lives can be, we find the time and a way to make adventure happen. We do this for a reason.

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Photo by Brian Morrow

We may not fully understand the reason we love and, in my case, need adventure. Over time, I discovered a great reward in looking honestly at my own drive and implacable need. In searching my own heart and my spirit of adventure, I have found my purpose.

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Photo by Karen Mac Farquhar