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DUN Scientific Articles

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A fly fishing manufacturer designer shares her story.

I've been developing designs for Sage, Redington and RIO for about 4 years now. It's been a true pleasure to work in an industry that is so clearly passionate about the sport of fly fishing.

by ~ Nicole Labrie
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Liquid Gold

It's the ecosystem.

I have water in my veins, a common thread, starting from when I was a young girl growing up on the shores of Wild Fowl Bay, off of Lake Huron's thumb of Michigan. It was a great place to explore woodlands, wetlands, fishing, sailing and swimming.

by ~ Jan Papa
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Steelhead otoliths - who's listening?

Laurentian Great Lakes steelhead are a complex stock of fish. The population is a mixture of hatchery-released and wild, naturally reproduced fish originating from many different streams. Knowing the natal streams of the fish is important to best managing this species, as it allows for targeted insertion and management to the areas that are the major contributors to the total lake population. Fortunately, we may be able to determine the natal stream of a fish by looking at its otolith.

by ~ Nicole Watson
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DUN Information Articles

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Voormi Women’s River Run Hoodie

DUN product review

What I want to say for this review, in giant letters, is I LOVE THIS BASELAYER. But, that would be pretty boring. True, but boring. So here it is.

by ~ Dun Team
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New Product Review

A Tenkara rod, a monthly subscription and a bad ass cooler.

We love the Orion cooler. So much so that we have two of them. They come in amazing colors, and built specifically with a fly angler in mind and you can stand on them...oh yeah and they keep your beer cold! WIN!

by ~ Dun Team
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Love Affair

When once upon a time truly does end in happily ever after on the water

How does one begin a tale of a love affair? Once upon a time? No, that is too much like a fairy tale. And we all know life is not really like that. This story of love weaves throughout my adult years like a golden thread through a tapestry and has had me wrapped up for a while. But to tell this tale, I need to start at the beginning. Long time ago in a land far away…

by ~ Carmen Barends
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DUN Education Articles

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A family trip and a lifetime of memories.

I have been around fishing and the outdoors for my entire life. My dad has been fly fishing for as long as I can remember. When my brother and I turned about eight, our dad started teaching us how to fly fish. We have always adhered to the catch and release method. Drake, my brother, is a natural at it. I have been slowly improving my skills to feel confident at the age of 14. I can now cast without getting stuck every other cast, which is pretty awesome.

by ~ Annie Jones
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Testing out the new Zense in New Zealand.

Before my trip to New Zealand I got a new Zense rod to test in hard New Zealand conditions. There is no better place in the world where you can put your freshwater rod into more complex conditions. It‘s not only because these fish are super powerful, it is also because they are so spooky. They don‘t give you a single chance to make a mistake. Your casting has to be exact. Your fly has to fall gently on the surface, and for sure the rod has to have enough power to fight with New Zealand‘s beasties. Sometimes you have to cast a longer distances without losing precision

by ~ Katka Svagrova
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Float Tube Fishing

Have you tried a float tube?

surprises me that so many people who fish with a fly rod have not yet tried fishing from a float tube. Many of those folks tell me that is because there are so many different models and types to choose from that they don’t know how to judge which might be the best for them.

by ~ Cecilia "Pudge" Kleinkauf
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DUN Conservation Articles

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Against The Flow

Learning to swim against the flow puts life in perspective.

Four years ago, I learned a new sport, my most favorite activity, my passion. This was fly fishing. I grew up in a small town in Western Kentucky. I had fished all my life, but only with a spin rod and bait. Fly fishing was foreign to me. Little did I know that it would empower me to be a leader, a conservationist, talk to others with confidence, want to travel to every state, and to not be afraid to be myself. Fly fishing has taught me to not swim with the flow, but against it.

by ~ Sydney Abbott
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The Eagle's Nest

It's about the experience.

It was late March and my husband, no longer able to resist the call of fishing, had taken us to the Poconos. Like the rest of the residents of the northeast, we felt the call of spring. We were all tired of the gray days, the snow and the cold. We were seriously wishing for sunshine and warmth and trout.

by ~ Kathleen Vasinda
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Mercury & Dragonflies

Understanding how mercury gets into our fish.

It's always interesting for me, being an aquatic biologist and angler, to look down into the water and see the diversity of life on the bottom of a beautiful stream. It wasn't until recently during my time researching invertebrates, that I now go out to a stream while fishing and wonder how much mercury, a neurotoxin, is in the body of the small critter my fly is trying to resemble.

by ~ Megan Hess
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